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The Team
3D Gamers 

The Home of Crypto Gaming on Twitch.

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3DGG Content Creators

Web3 Twitch Streamer
Kevin "ZooTay" Huang
Co-Founder, Content Lead, ex-pro PUBG
Web3 YouTuber & Twitch Streamer
Nikki Thai
Web3 Streamer & Variety Creator
ex-pro Fortnite & Web3 pro
Web3 Streamer & ex-pro Fortnite player

Meet the Leadership

Founder/CEO, Podcast Host, Crypto CPA
COO, Partnerships & Tech Lead

About the 3DGG Team


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Invested in the Web3 Ecosystem

Our Roadmap


Phase 1 - Guild Founded

3DGG was founded in 2021 around a team of excited gamers building in the P2E space for Axie Infinity. We have about a team of 250+ scholars at this time.

Our Founder, Pangboy, made a big bet on Big Time early.

"Crypto, NFTs, and gaming have created new economic opportunities for gamers all around the world.  You will now be able to make a living by playing a game, grinding through and getting the best items possible, and reselling them on an open market."

@PangBoyGG (3DGG Founder) - March, 12 2021

Phase 2 - Communtiy Growth

Several of our members meet at Solana Hacker House events. 3DGG begins rapidly expanding.

3DGG recruits and expands the stream team. We host a number of weekly/daily shows on Twitter Spaces around the Solana and web3 gaming space.

3DGG Rapidly Expands

Phase 3

3DGG NFT & DAO Launch

NFT Utility:
1. NFT Holders earn 3DGG token by completing tasks for 3DGG through pfps, on social channels and in the community.
2. Access to the exclusive 3DGG supporting NFT community.
3. Access to whitelists, giveaways
4. Access to 3DGG sponsored prize events
5. VIP access to 3DGG gaming NFT rentals6. Loaning NFTs for SOL
6. Degen Legends Launch

3DGG Token Utility
1. Voting rights over community treasury & guild vault.
2. Use as entry in 3DGG events from prize added sponsored gaming
3. Tournaments, giveaways,  3DGG gaming events, raffles, merchandise.
4. Rentals on 3DGG gaming NFT assets
5. Tips & exclusive purchases with streamers
6. Participate & support the guild by owning 3DGG token

Stay tuned for details on the DAO and NFT drop in our Discord.



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We're changing the approach to crypto gaming ecosystem

3DGG is invested in a number of games we're playing-to-win and create-to-earn.