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Build your space in the metaverse. Winner of Solana Gaming Hackathon 2021.


A browser-based metaverse built on the Solana blockchain, Portals is an immersive social space where you can explore, make your own, and gather with others.

Our city planning and real estate distribution are designed in a way to ensure a dense, interesting city center for everyone to explore. We’re starting with an emphasis on user experience first to build an awesome community of builders and players.

Portals NFT holders get early access to the central downtown area, where you can explore, visit Building One units, play games, collect new items, and maybe even take on a few quests. We want everyone — crypto-natives or not — to have a great experience hopping in and exploring. Once out of the early access preview — Portals Downtown will open up for everyone.

We're changing the approach to crypto gaming ecosystem

3DGG is invested in a number of games we're playing-to-win and create-to-earn.