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3D Gamers Guild empowers
Crypto Games

3D Gamers Guild (3DGG) is decentralized autonomous organization on a mission to revolutionize web3 gaming.

What sets 3DGG apart from the rest?

Focused on Content

We help nature web3 games through content, promotion, and research with a seasoned esports gaming team.

Founded by ex-Pros

3DGG matches investors and effective players across P2E games. Our team has esports veterans from Cloud9, SK-Gaming, Fnatic, Major League Gaming, and others.

Crypto Gaming 3.0

We're furthering investments in the web3 gaming space by creating content, bringing new players, and providing research to our community.


sol big brainvespertine capitalshima capital


Managing assets in crypto gaming and the metaverse.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a scholarship program?
Solana Gaming Guild

We currently have 350+ scholars and you can find more info about our programs in the Discord.

What makes 3DGG community great?
Solana Gaming Guild

By being part of the 3DGG community, you have access to 3DGG resources and can gain experience in the crypto gaming evolution with like minded gamers.

Or reach out to learn more. Contact us.
Solana Gaming DAO

We're elevating web3 for play to win

We're creating a team of creators, investors, builders, and gamers. Our goal is to win together.

Or reach out to learn more. Contact us.

We're changing the approach to P2E ecosystem

3DGG is invested in a number of games we're playing-to-win and playing-to-earn.

We're changing the approach to crypto gaming ecosystem

3DGG is invested in a number of games we're playing-to-win and create-to-earn.

Meet the leadership

Troy Skinner
Leo Koloamatangi
Duke Moran
Charlie Moran

Our Roadmap

Q1 2022

Phase 1

♦︎ Build community
♦︎ Onboard artists
♦︎ Develop technology
♦︎ Secure Funding

"Music NFTs changed my life for the better. I’ve been able to have health insurance as an artist, pay my rent monthly, eat, create more, give to the homies,and change the world.“

@CallMeLatasha - Dec 19, 2021

Phase 2

♦︎ Beta test AI-powered mobile NFT creator with our community.
♦︎ Continue technology development
♦︎ Community exclusive drops

Q2 2022

Q4 2022

Phase 3

♦︎ Launch v1 of the Tuttii mobile platform for early supporters
♦︎ Purchase land in the metaverse


Phase 4

♦︎ Public Launch

Q2 2022